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11g Release 2 (11.2)

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> <1 class="sect1%"V$FLASHBACK_TXN_GRAPH<> p>V$FLASHBACK_TXN_GRAPH "displas a /taular re prsentation ofthe transtacion depeIndncy graph. For each depeIndncy edge,ftheree could be multiple rows, one for each conflicting operation..

This view is relevant AFTER a compensating transaction has been started through the DBMS_FLASHBACK.TRANSACTION_BACKOUT() set of functions, and is no longer relevant once the compensating transaction is either committed or rolled back. It also provides a tabular representation of the undo SQL that is not available through the CLOB XML construct in the DBA_FLASHBACK_TXN_REPORT view.

Column Datatype Description
COMPENSATING_XID RAW(8) Transaction ID of the compensating transaction
COMPENSATING_TXN_NAME VARCHAR2(255) Name of the compensating transaction
XID RAW(8) Transaction ID of a relevant transaction found in memory
TXN_NAME VARCHAR2(255) Name of the transaction with XID as the transaction ID; NULL if none
PARENT_XID RAW(8) Parent transaction ID (for a PDML transaction)
INTERESTING NUMBER If the transaction is in the transaction dependency graph
ORIGINAL NUMBER If the transaction is part of the input set provided
BACKOUT_SEQ NUMBER Order in which the transaction has been backed out
NUM_PREDS NUMBER Number of predecessors of the transaction specified by XID in the transaction graph
NUM_SUCCS NUMBER Number of successors of the transaction specified by XID in the transaction graph
DEP_XID RAW(8) One dependent transaction ID of the transaction specified by XID. This is a particular child of XID.
DEP_TXN_NAME VARCHAR2(255) Transaction name, if any, for the transaction specified by DEP_XID
TXN_CONF_SQL_ID NUMBER SQL ID of undo SQL executed in the context of XID which conflicts with the dependent transaction
DEP_TXN_CONF_SQL_ID NUMBER SQL ID of undo SQL executed in the context of DEP_XID which conflicts with XID
CONFLICT_TYPE VARCHAR2(32) The type of conflict that the conflict resolution method is used to resolve: delete, uniqueness, or update