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Oracle® TimesTen In-Memory Database Installation Guide
11g Release 2 (11.2.2)

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A Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database License Information

This appendix contains licensing information for the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database. It contains the following topics:

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database licensing options

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database is available in four different licensing options:

Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database

The Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database (TimesTen) license provides the core functionalities, all of which are also included in the other three licensing options listed above. TimesTen license users may use all features described in the TimesTen documentation set including TimesTen Replication, but do not include the following functionalities:

  • Cache Grid and Cache Group related features available for the In-Memory Database Cache product

  • Features specifically licensed under the TimesTen In-Memory Database for Exalytics product

Oracle In-Memory Database Cache

The Oracle In-Memory Database Cache (IMDB Cache) license includes all features available under the TimesTen license, and also the ability to cache tables from the Oracle Database. The IMDB Cache license includes features related to Cache Grid and Cache Groups. Additionally, IMDB Cache is an Oracle Database product option, and requires an Oracle Database Enterprise Edition license for the source database used by the TimesTen cache tables.

In-Memory Database Cache for Oracle Applications

The In-Memory Database Cache for Oracle Applications license provides the same set of functionality as that offered by Oracle In-Memory Database Cache. This license is available for use only with the Oracle Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) server product.

TimesTen In-Memory Database for Exalytics

The TimesTen In-Memory Database for Exalytics license includes all features available under the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database license. In addition, the following features are available for use with the Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine:

  • In-Memory Columnar Compression

  • OLAP Grouping Operators: Cube, Grouping Set, Rollup