What's New

This section summarizes the new features and functionality of Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database 11g Release 2 (11.2.2) that are documented in this guide, providing links into the guide for more information.

New features in Release

  • LOB support

    TimesTen supports LOBs (large objects). This includes CLOBs (character LOBs), NCLOBs (national character LOBs), and BLOBs (binary LOBs).

    For details of support in PL/SQL, refer to "Large objects (LOBs)".

  • Associative array binds

    Associative arrays, formerly known as index-by tables or PL/SQL tables, are supported as IN, OUT, or IN OUT bind parameters in TimesTen PL/SQL, such as from an OCI, Pro*C/C++, or JDBC application. This enables arrays of data to be passed efficiently between an application and the database.

    See "Using associative arrays from applications".

  • Use of PL/SQL statements in dynamic SQL

    TimesTen supports the use of PL/SQL anonymous blocks and procedure or function calls, in addition to SQL statements, in an EXECUTE IMMEDIATE statement or DBMS_SQL procedure or function call.

    Refer to "Dynamic SQL in PL/SQL (EXECUTE IMMEDIATE statement)".