Export Data (Aggregate Storage)

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Export level-0 data, which does not include calculated values, from an aggregate storage database. Export files are stored in the ARBORPATH/app directory on the server. To use Report Writer, export the data using a report file.

Minimum permission required: Read. This statement requires the database to be started.



Exports on aggregate storage databases are limited as follows:


export database ASOSamp.Sample data to data_file 'exportfile.exp';

export database ASOSamp.Sample using report_file 'my.rep' to data_file 'my.rpt';


On aggregate storage databases, use export data to export in the following ways:

Key Phrase Explanation
export database <dbs-name> level0 data... Export level-0 input data to a text file. You cannot export aggregates, upper level data, or data from dynamically calculated members.
Note: Exporting data does not clear the data from the database.
export database <dbs-name> input data... This statement performs the same action as export database <dbs-name> level0 data....
export database <dbs-name> ...using...report_file... Run a stored report script, exporting a subset of the database.