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About the Siebel Analytics Installation Wizard for Windows

The Siebel Analytics installation wizard can be used to install more than one type of Siebel Analytics. The type of installation you choose depends on what you are installing:

NOTE:  If you already have installed one or more Siebel Analytics components, running the installer wizard again to install additional components causes a warning message to be displayed, stating that you may continue to install features, but that reinstalling may overwrite any patches that you have installed.

Table 5 shows the Siebel Analytics components installed with each installation option. See also the Notes on Your Installer Choices.

Table 5.  Siebel Analytics Installation Options
Installation Option
Components Installed
Additional Components Installed for Analytics Applications
  • All the following components
All the following components
Siebel Analytics Server
  • Siebel Analytics Server
  • Siebel Analytics Clustering Server
  • Siebel Analytics Scheduler
  • Siebel Analytics Server Administration Tool
  • Seed data
  • Seed file programs (dataimp.exe)
Siebel Analytics Web Server
  • Siebel Analytics Web
  • Siebel Analytics Web Proxy
  • Siebel Analytics Catalog Manager
  • Corda PopChart Image Server
  • SiebelAnalytics.webcat
Siebel Analytics Client Tools
  • Siebel Analytics Client (nqcmd.exe and nqclient.exe)
  • Siebel Analytics ODBC Driver
  • Siebel Analytics Catalog Manager
  • Siebel Analytics Server Administration Tool
SiebelAnalytics.rpd (with Analytics applications)
Disconnected Client
(This option appears only if you have a license for Disconnected Analytics.)
  • Local version of the Siebel Analytics Server
  • Siebel Disconnected Analytics Application Manager
  • Siebel Disconnected Analytics Client
  • Siebel Disconnected Analytics Web
(For Siebel ePharma, Disconnected applications components are installed on the Siebel Analytics Server.)
Data Warehouse (Not applicable for the Stand-Alone version of Siebel Analytics.)
(Siebel Analytics applications only)
  • Siebel Data Warehouse
  • Data Warehouse Application Console Server
  • Data Warehouse Application Console (DAC) Client
(Siebel Analytics applications only)
  • Siebel Information Files (.sif)
  • Appropriate Informatica repository
  • Seed data

Notes on Your Installer Choices

 Siebel Analytics Installation and Configuration Guide, Version 7.7, Rev. A 
 Published: 11 March 2004