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Oracle® Retail Integration Bus Installation Guide
Release 13.1.1


Oracle® Retail Integration Bus

Installation Guide

Release 13.1.1


June 2009

Oracle Retail Integration Bus Installation Guide, Release 13.1.1

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Value-Added Reseller (VAR) Language

Oracle Retail VAR Applications

The following restrictions and provisions only apply to the programs referred to in this section and licensed to you. You acknowledge that the programs may contain third party software (VAR applications) licensed to Oracle. Depending upon your product and its version number, the VAR applications may include:

(i) the software component known as ACUMATE developed and licensed by Lucent Technologies Inc. of Murray Hill, New Jersey, to Oracle and imbedded in the Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server - Enterprise Engine, Oracle Retail Category Management, Oracle Retail Item Planning, Oracle Retail Merchandise Financial Planning, Oracle Retail Advanced Inventory Planning, Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting, Oracle Retail Regular Price Optimization, Oracle Retail Size Profile Optimization, Oracle Retail Replenishment Optimization applications.

(ii) the MicroStrategy Components developed and licensed by MicroStrategy Services Corporation (MicroStrategy) of McLean, Virginia to Oracle and imbedded in the MicroStrategy for Oracle Retail Data Warehouse and MicroStrategy for Oracle Retail Planning & Optimization applications.

(iii) the SeeBeyond component developed and licensed by Sun MicroSystems, Inc. (Sun) of Santa Clara, California, to Oracle and imbedded in the Oracle Retail Integration Bus application.

(iv) the Wavelink component developed and licensed by Wavelink Corporation (Wavelink) of Kirkland, Washington, to Oracle and imbedded in Oracle Retail Mobile Store Inventory Management.

(v) the software component known as Crystal Enterprise Professional and/or Crystal Reports Professional licensed by SAP and imbedded in Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management.

(vi) the software component known as Access Via™ licensed by Access Via of Seattle, Washington, and imbedded in Oracle Retail Signs and Oracle Retail Labels and Tags.

(vii) the software component known as Adobe Flex™ licensed by Adobe Systems Incorporated of San Jose, California, and imbedded in Oracle Retail Promotion Planning & Optimization application.

(viii) the software component known as Style Report™ developed and licensed by InetSoft Technology Corp. of Piscataway, New Jersey, to Oracle and imbedded in the Oracle Retail Value Chain Collaboration application.

(ix) the software component known as DataBeacon™ developed and licensed by Cognos Incorporated of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, to Oracle and imbedded in the Oracle Retail Value Chain Collaboration application.

You acknowledge and confirm that Oracle grants you use of only the object code of the VAR Applications. Oracle will not deliver source code to the VAR Applications to you. Notwithstanding any other term or condition of the agreement and this ordering document, you shall not cause or permit alteration of any VAR Applications. For purposes of this section, "alteration" refers to all alterations, translations, upgrades, enhancements, customizations or modifications of all or any portion of the VAR Applications including all reconfigurations, reassembly or reverse assembly, re-engineering or reverse engineering and recompilations or reverse compilations of the VAR Applications or any derivatives of the VAR Applications. You acknowledge that it shall be a breach of the agreement to utilize the relationship, and/or confidential information of the VAR Applications for purposes of competitive discovery.

The VAR Applications contain trade secrets of Oracle and Oracle's licensors and Customer shall not attempt, cause, or permit the alteration, decompilation, reverse engineering, disassembly or other reduction of the VAR Applications to a human perceivable form. Oracle reserves the right to replace, with functional equivalent software, any of the VAR Applications in future releases of the applicable program.