Oracle Retail RIB/RSL/IGS Integration Guide


The RIB, RSL and IGS act as a shared communication layer for connecting various Oracle Retail applications and external applications through an enterprise computing infrastructure. Each of the products implements a different integration pattern, but all use a common set of Business Objects.

The RIB/RSL/IGS interfaces are organized by Message Family. Each Message Family contains information specific to a related set of operations on a business entity or related business entities. Each message family has specific message payloads that contain business elements agreed upon between the Oracle Retail applications involved.

RIB/RSL/IGS Reference Models (All) - (Start here - Best viewed with Internet Explorer)


Detailed Wiring Diagram (Best viewed with Internet Explorer)


Integration Flow File


Integration Interfaces Catalog (All)


RIB Message Family/Message Type Summary with API Mappings


Individual Reference Models:

RTG RIB/RSL/IGS Domain Context Model

RTG RIB/RSL/IGS Domain Context Narrative

RTG RIB/RSL/IGS Domain Logical Model

RTG RIB/RSL/IGS Domain Logical Narrative

RTG RIB/RSL/IGS Domain Physical Model Centralized

RTG RIB/RSL/IGS Domain Physical Model Distributed

RTG RIB/RSL/IGS Domain Physical Narrative


Functional Interfaces and Adapters by Application



Mapping Reports RIB 13.2


RMS Mappings Report (All)


RPM Mappings Report (All)


RWMS Mappings Report (All)


SIM Mapping Report (All)






Disclaimer: This document is a general data mapping and reference guide for data coming in and out of Oracle Retail application systems via RIB messages; it is not meant to give detailed information about every possible data scenario.