Workflow Assignment

This page displays details (on the Details tab page) as well as history (on the History tab page) for a workflow event.

Publisher provides the following information in the Details tab:




The first line can include the subject of the assignment. The second line is the name of the content item. If the assignment was not named, you see only the content item name.

Assigned To

Name of the users or groups to whom the work item is assigned.

Assigned By

Name of the user who completed the previous activity. The second line contains the user comments.


The current workflow activity of the work item. The second line contains the activity's description.


The name of the workflow. The second line contains the workflow description.

Workflow Start Date

The date the workflow was started.

Workflow Due Date

Optional. The date and time by which the workflow must be completed.


The priority of the workflow.

Not only can you see detailed information about an item in workflow, but you can also see who has been involved in workflow and what they did. You can see the previous activities, the user who was assigned the activity, the action the user performed, the date and time the user performed the action, and the user's comments. Publisher provides the following information in the History tab:




This describes what happens at this stage in the workflow process.


Name of the user performing the activity.


Some examples of actions are Submit, Approve, Reject, and Publish; users can perform these in the Publisher Work List portlet, the Content Item Editor, or directly from Workflow Notifications.


This is the date and time on which the user performs the activity.

Note: The user's comments appear in a row beneath the columns.

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