Creating Asymmetric Rows and Columns

Asymmetric rows and columns are ones in which different sets of members are selected across the same dimension. For example:

Row/Column A: Scenario = Actual, Time Period = Q1

Row/Column B: Scenario = Budget, Time Period = Q2, Q3, Q4

*  To create asymmetric rows or columns:

  1. On Row/Column Layout, click Add Row or Add Column.

  2. On the Additional Row or Column Definitions page, next to the dimension for which to select asymmetric members, under Select, click Select Member icon.

  3. Select a different set of members for the row or column.

  4. Click Submit.

  5. Repeat these steps as needed.

  6. Perform one action:

    • Click Submit to save your selections.

    • Click Return to Data Form Layout to continue designing the data form.