Interface FlatGroup.Source

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractListableRealm, AbstractManageableRealm
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Deprecated. Deprecated in WebLogic Server 7.0.

public static interface FlatGroup.Source

Interface to be implemented by realm classes that use FlatGroup. If your realm class inherits from AbstractListableRealm, you don't need to implement this interface; instead, your realm class should contain a getGroupMembersInternal method.

See Also:
AbstractListableRealm.getGroupMembersInternal(String name)

Method Summary
 Hashtable getGroupMembers(String name)
          Deprecated. Return the current set of members of the named group.

Method Detail


Hashtable getGroupMembers(String name)
Return the current set of members of the named group. This is a table mapping principal names to Principal objects. If, for some reason, the named group has ceased to exist, this method will return null.

name - the group for which to obtain membership information
table mapping principal names to Principal objects
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