parameter parameter

Use the parameter tag to define a connector paramter including its label, value, translation locale.

Relationship with other tags

The parameter tag is a child tag of configuration .

The parameter tag has no child tag.


The following example shows the XML for a parameter tag.

<configuration id="Sample"
repositoryType="Work Item"
<parameter name="ServerURL">
<description>URL used to connect to the back end repository</description>
<value>Server URL</value>
</parameter >
</configuration >


Name Type Supports EL? Description
name String no Parameter name.
description String no A short decription of the paramter. This is displayed on the bottom of the Repository tab in the Admin dialog when configuring a repository.
defaultValue String no Default value assigned if administrator does not provide one when configure a repository based on the connector.
accessLevel String no Specifies the parameter access level. It can take one of these two values:
ALM-Admin (indicates that this parameter can be configured only by a Team Productivity Center Administrator in the Admin dialog, Repositories tab) or
Team-Admin (indicates that this parameter can be configured by a Team Administrator in the Admin dialog, Teams tab, and Team Repositories tab
label String no Localized string displayed for the parameter in the Admin dialog, Repository tab. The Locale specifies the string to load based on the JDeveloper locale. It can take one of these two values: US or JPN.