lovDef CriteriaMap FieldMap DisplayList

This lovDef tag is used to define the list of value.

Relationship with other tags

The lovDef tag is child tag of tag lovDefs.

The lovDef tag has the following child tag: CriteriaMap, FieldMap, and DisplayList.


The following example shows the XML for a lovDef tag.

   <lovDef     name="owner_lov";   list-source="users" >
         <Map  listFieldRef="USERID"   fieldRef="OWNER" >
         <Map  listFieldRef="USERNAME"   fieldRef="OWNER" >
         <FieldRef name="USERID" >
         <FieldRef name="USERNAME" >   


Name Type Supports EL? Description
name String no Name of the lov. It is used by the field tag if the filed needs to show a LOV dialog.
list-source String no Specifies the source to fetech data. See details on DataSource tag.