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Oracle® Fusion Middleware User's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Plus
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number B40105-01
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Column Width dialog

Use this dialog to specify the column width of the currently selected worksheet item in centimetres, inches, or pixels. For example, you might want to reduce the width of a column to fit a worksheet onto a printed page.

If the content of a column is too wide to fit in the specified width, Discoverer does the following:

Auto size

Use this check box if you want Discoverer to set the column width for you (typically using the width of the largest column heading or cell value).

Hint: To select auto size for multiple worksheet items, select the items in the worksheet data area and choose Format | Columns | Autosize.

Column Width

Use these fields to specify the width of the currently selected column in either pixels, centimetres, or inches. For example, you might want the column to be 90 pixels wide. These fields are only active when the Auto size check box is cleared.