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Oracle® Fusion Middleware User's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Plus
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number B40105-01
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Scheduling Manager dialog

Use this dialog to manage scheduled workbooks. For example, to create a scheduled workbook, or change the time or frequency of an existing scheduled workbook.

For more information, see:

"What are scheduled workbooks?"

"When to use scheduled workbooks"

"About how scheduled workbooks are processed"

Scheduled Workbooks:

Use this list to look at the workbooks that are currently scheduled and whether scheduled workbook results sets are ready to open, as follows:

Hint: If a scheduled workbook results sets has 'Report Ready' in the Status field, the report has been processed and is ready to open. To open a report, select the report and click Open.


Use this button to open the currently selected scheduled workbook results set in Discoverer. You can then analyze the worksheet data, print reports, and share the data with other Discoverer users.

Note: The Open button is grayed out if you have selected a scheduled workbook in the Scheduled Workbooks list. Ensure that you first select a scheduled workbook results set.


Use this button to display the "Schedule Wizard dialog: Schedule tab", where you change currently selected scheduled workbook.


Use this button to make a copy of the selected scheduled workbook that you can edit to create a scheduled workbook. This provides a quick way to create a scheduled workbook when a similar scheduled workbook exists.


Use this button to remove the currently selected scheduled workbook or scheduled workbook results sets permanently. Do one of the following:

Note: You can also use the Unscheduled button to stop a scheduled workbook from being processed but keep its results sets.

View Error

Use this button to find out why a scheduled workbook failed. The Error Details dialog displays the error message generated when the scheduled workbook failed.


Use this button to stop the currently selected scheduled workbook but keep its scheduled workbook results sets.

Note: The Unscheduled button is grayed out if:

Hint: To restart a scheduled workbook that has been unscheduled, use the Copy option to copy the scheduled workbook and re-create it.


Use this button to display the "Schedule Wizard dialog: General tab", where you create scheduled workbooks.


Use this button to refresh the Scheduled Workbooks list with up-to-date status information.

Note: If you only have Discoverer privileges to open scheduled workbook results, this button is grayed out. For more information about the Discoverer privileges that you have, contact the Discoverer manager.