configuration configuration

Use the configuration tag to define a specific configuration that will be used to create repositories.

Relationship with other tags

The configuration tag is a child tag of ConnectorDefinition.

The configuration tag has the following child tag: parameter.


The following example shows the XML for a configuration tag.

<configuration id="Sample.oracle.com"
repositoryType="Work Item"
</configuration >


Name Type Supports EL? Description
id String no Name of the connector. This name uniquely identifies the connector installed in Team Productivity Center. To avoid name conflict, it is recommended to use a format similar to the sample provided above.
className String no Name of the connector class to load when creating a connector instance during runtime. The class should implement the WorkitemConnector interface, or the DocumentConnector interface. It is required.
repositoryType String no Type of the repository used for the connector in the Oracle Team Productivity Center system. This attribute is used mostly for grouping connector selection in the Team Administration dialog. Valid types are defined in RepositoryType type as "Work Item" or "Document"
uiFileName String no Path to a file inside the connector jar file that contains the connector UI definitions. It is required.
modelFileName String no Path to a file inside the connector jar file that contains the connector model definitions. It is required.
version String no Connector version associated with a particular release of a connector. This attribute is used for compatibility checking against the connector backend server. The connector version should be changed any time any time an upgrade is required by the connector backend, so that the client can perform upgrade using JDeveloper’s Check for Update feature.