Use the field tag to define a specific field of the work item.

Relationship with other tags

The field tag is child tag of tag WorkItem.

The field tag has no child tag.


The following example shows the XML for a WorkItem tag that has fields and field child tags.

      <field  name="TASKID"   type="number" label="${res.TASK_ID}" readOnly="true">


Name Type Supports EL? Description
name String no Specifies the name of the field.
type String no Specifies the type of the field. Valid values include " string" and "number"
label String yes Display label used for the field.
required String no If set to true, an asrerik will shown on the right side of the field lable. User has to provide a valid value before commit the work item record.
readOnly String no If set to true, the field cannot be updated in runtime UI.
defaultValue String no The value used as the default if user does not provide one.
controlType String no Type of the control to used when shown the dield in UI. Normally the control type is specified in the UI XML file. However it can also be defined here if the UI is laid out without using specific UI tags.
lovDef String no If the field is used to show a List of Value pop up, set it to the name of the corresponding lovDef tag in the same file.
maxLength String no Maximum field length. In most cases it should match the backend field length definition.
hint String no Water mark text displayed to assist end user on what value type or format to enter for the field.