This FieldMap tag is used to define the criteria to be used by the lov tag.

Relationship with other tags

The FieldMap tag is child tag of tag lovDef.

The FieldMap tag has the following child tag: Map.


The following example shows the XML for a CriteriaMap tag.

   <lovDef     name="owner_lov";   list-source="users" >
         <Map  listFieldRef="USERID"   fieldRef="OWNER" >
         <Map  listFieldRef="USERNAME"   fieldRef="OWNER" >
FieldMap defines the data return rules. It contains one or multiple maps as that in CriteriaMap. From the UI point of view, it tells the value for a list field in a row in the query result (result of getLOVQueryResult) in LOV dialog will return to the field in the work item. For example, in above case, when the user select the row in the result table, and click OK button, then the value 11 for status in the selected row in the LOV dialog will return back as the value for the STATUS field in the base page

Inside each Map, the listFieldRef refers to a field defined in the list data source. The FieldRef refers to a field defined in the work item.


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