WorkItem Work Item

Use the WorkItem tag to define a specific type of work items.

Relationship with other tags

The WorkItem tag is child tag of tag RepositoryModel.

The WorkItem tag has the following child tag: fields, LovDefs, dataSources, WebResource, and QueryListColumns.


The following example shows the XML for a WorkItem tag that has fields and field child tags.

<RepositoryModel resName="res" resFile="/META-INF/res/modelresource.xml">
   <WorkItem     data-source="tasks"   id-def="TASKID" id-label="${res.TASK_ID}"  
                 label-def="TASKID" name="${res.TASK_NAME}" type="Task"  
                 supportSearchByID="true" xmlns="http://www.oracle.com/alm"  
                 version=""  > 
<fields> <field name="TASKID" type="number" label="${res.TASK_ID}" readOnly="true"> </fields> </WorkItem>


Name Type Supports EL? Description
data-source String no Data source specification. It can be a database table or a file in a shared network drive.
id-def String no Unique identifer of the work item. It can be the primary key if the work item is based on a database table.
id-label String yes Label to use for the above id specified.
label-def String no Refrers to the ID field name
name String yes Specifies the name of the work item.
type String no Specifies the type of the repository. Valid values include "WorkItem" and "Document"
subject-def String no Field name used as the subject field for cross repository tag search.
webURLHandler String no Specifies the class to use for any URL field.
supportSearchByID String no If set to true, framework adds the right mouse menu item "Search By ID" on the repository node inside the work item accordion.
version String no Version number of the work item definition.