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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Release Notes
11g Release 1 (11.1.1) for HP-UX Itanium

Part Number E14773-06
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19 Oracle Mediator

This chapter describes issues associated with Oracle Mediator. It includes the following topics:

19.1 General Issues and Workarounds

This section describes general issue and workarounds. It includes the following topic:

19.1.1 Multi-lingual Support Depends on Database Character Set

If you want to use multi-language support feature for some functions in Oracle Mediator, then, to avoid any unexpected results, you must ensure that these characters are supported by Database character set. For example, for Unit Test function, if the initial message payload in Unit Test includes characters that are not supported by Database character set, then you will see that the characters fail to display correctly in Unit Test part of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control Console. This issue does not occur for a Database that supports Unicode characters.

19.1.2 SOAP Web Service With Attachments is Not Supported

In Oracle Mediator, when you call a SOAP Web Service with attachments you will not be able to perform a payload manipulation using the Assign or Transform functions. It fails with an exception because SOAP with attachments is not supported in Oracle Mediator if you use the Assign or Transform functions.


When calling a SOAP Web Service with attachments, use Oracle Service Bus instead of Oracle Mediator.

19.1.3 Oracle Mediator - BPEL Process Manager Callback Processing

If Oracle Mediator calls a BPEL Process with callback processing and timeout, it is a best practice to explicitly handle the Callback exceptions returned from Oracle Mediator, in BPEL process. This is to ensure that the global transaction associated with Callback processing gets committed and is not rolled back. This way, the timeout handler configured in Oracle Mediator will not kick in even if the Callback handling in Oracle Mediator fails.

19.1.4 Raw XML Cannot Be Viewed for Non-English Characters

If there are non-ASCII characters in the XML code, then you will get a popup with the following error message, when you click the View Raw XML link on the Mediator Audit Trail tab in Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control Console:

XML Parsing Error: not well-formed

Typically, this error appears when the XML code contains non-English characters.


Right-click the popup and chose the browser option for viewing the source of the web page to view the actual XML content.

19.2 Configuration Issues and Workarounds

There are no configuration issues for Oracle Mediator.

19.3 Documentation Errata

There are no documentation errata for Oracle Mediator.