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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle WebCenter
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number E12405-02
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9 Setting Application Properties

This chapter includes the following sections:


The content of this chapter is intended for Fusion Middleware administrators (users granted the Admin role through the Oracle WebLogic Server Administration Console). See also, Section 1.8, "Understanding Administrative Operations, Roles, and Tools".

9.1 Setting Application Properties for WebCenter Spaces

This section includes the following sub sections:

9.1.1 Specifying the BPEL Server Hosting WebCenter Spaces Workflows

WebCenter Spaces uses the BPEL server included with the Oracle SOA Suite to host internal workflows, such as group space membership notifications, group space subscription requests, and so on. To enable workflow functionality inside WebCenter Spaces, a connection to this BPEL server is required.


WebCenter Spaces workflows must be deployed on the SOA managed server that WebCenter Spaces is configured to use. See also, "Back-End Requirements for WebCenter Spaces Workflows" in Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle WebCenter.

To configure a connection to the WebCenter Space workflows:

  1. Login to Fusion Middleware Control, and navigate to the home page for WebCenter Spaces.

    See Section 6.2, "Navigating to the Home Page for WebCenter Spaces".

  2. From the WebCenter menu, choose Settings > Application Configuration.

    Figure 9-1 Choosing the SOA Instance Where WebCenter Spaces Workflows are Deployed

    Choosing the SOA Instance for WebCenter Spaces Workflows
  3. From the SOA Connection Name dropdown, choose the name of the connection you require.

    The connections on offer are those currently configured for the Worklist service in WebCenter Spaces.

    Ensure that you choose the connection that points to the SOA instance in which WebCenter Spaces workflows are deployed. If that connection is not listed you must create it. To define the connection, see Section, "Registering Worklist Connections".

  4. Click Apply.

  5. Restart the managed server on which WebCenter Spaces is deployed to effect this change.

    See Section 8.2, "Starting and Stopping Managed Servers for WebCenter Application Deployments".

9.2 Setting Additional Properties for Custom WebCenter Applications

The J2EE Application Deployment home page is your starting place for configuring custom WebCenter application deployments developed with Oracle WebCenter Framework. Just like any other J2EE application, you can configure ADF, MDS, security policies and roles, and so on, from here. To access this page, see Section 6.3, "Navigating to the Home Page for Custom WebCenter Applications".

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