Oracle (Plumtree)

Note. This service endpoint is available only with AquaLogic BPM Workspace Extensions.

To create an Oracle (Plumtree) SQL database service end point:

  1. Access the Service Endpoints | Add Service Endpoint | Edit Service Endpoint endpoint_name page,  for the SQL Database type and Oracle (Plumtree) subtype.

    For access instructions, see Creating a Service Endpoint.

  1. Enter the properties for the service endpoint:

The advanced properties are optional:

  1. On the Service Endpoints | Add Service Endpoint | Edit Service Endpoint endpoint name page, configure the following Runtime options for the SQL database service endpoint or accept the defaults:

  2. Maximum Pool Size - Enter the maximum number of connections that the pool can allocate. The pool will never create more connections than this limit imposes. The default is 10.

  3. Connection Idle Time (Mins) - Enter the amount of time the database connection can remain idle before the connection will be dropped. The default is 5 minutes.

  4. Maximum Opened Cursors - Enter the maximum number of opened cursors allowed on the database. The default is 50. This value is related to the maximum pool size. The number of cursors is divided in between the number of maximum pool size and each connection will manage that number of cursors. For example, if you have 500 maximum opened cursors and the maximum pool size is 50, each connection can have a maximum of 10 opened cursors.

  1. Click Save.

Note: Default values may not be appropriate for your database.  You should review and override with values suitable for the database.