BEA AquaLogic Service Bus Interoperability Solutions for WSRP

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WSRP Producers and Consumers

WSRP Architecture

Enhanced Architecture with AquaLogic Service Bus

WSRP Design Concepts


WSRP Messages

Configuring AquaLogic Service Bus for WSRP

Getting the Producer WSDL

Routing Messages Between Consumer and Producer

Monitoring WSRP Applications

Load Balancing and Failover

WSRP Interoperability Example

Example Prerequisites

Example Projects and Folders

Monitoring Example

Step 1: Define WSDL Resources

Step 2: Create Business Services

Step 3: Create Proxy Services

Alternative Methods to Create Proxy Services

Step 4: Retrieve the WSDL from the Producer

Step 4.1: Create the Business Service to Retrieve the WSDL Specific to WSRP 2.0

Step 4.2: Create an XQuery Expression to Construct URLs

Step 4.3: Create a No-Op Proxy Service

Step 4.4: Create a Common Proxy Service to Retrieve the WSDL Specific to WSRP 2.0

Step 4.5: Define the Message Flow of getWSDL2.0 Proxy Service to Modify WSDL to Use ALSB URLs

Step 4.6: Change the Message Flow of Proxy Service getWSDL to Enable WSRP 2.0 WSDL Retrieval Using Proxy Service getWSDL2.0

Step 5: Verify the Configuration

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