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AquaLogic® User Interaction Documentation

AquaLogic User Interaction is an integrated family of AquaLogic products used to create enterprise portals, collaborative communities and composite applications, all built on a Service Infrastructure.

AquaLogic® Interaction (ALI)

AquaLogic Interaction (formerly Plumtree Foundation and Plumtree Corporate Portal) provides the framework for applications, supports virtual community workspaces, and integrates all components into a cohesive Web work environment.


AquaLogic Interaction Analytics delivers comprehensive reporting on activity and content usage within portals and composite applications, allowing you to know and meet user information needs.


AquaLogic Interaction Collaboration helps people work together via the Web, supporting task management, projects, communities, calendars, discussions, and document sharing with version control.


AquaLogic Interaction Publisher allows publication & management of Web content for portals and Web applications, with forms-based publishing, branding, templates, workflow, approvals, and content expiration.


AquaLogic Interaction Studio lets portal managers create portlets, such as telephone lists, work order processes, calendars and surveys, without any coding.

Developer Tools

The AquaLogic Interaction Development Kit (IDK) enables Java and .NET developers to rapidly build, deliver, and improve user-centric composite applications through AquaLogic Interaction. The IDK provides interfaces for Integration Web Services -- authentication, profile, crawler, and search -- that integrate enterprise systems into AquaLogic Interaction. The AquaLogic Interaction .NET Application Accelerator is a collection of libraries and Visual Studio .NET integration features that support easy authoring of ASP.NET 2.0 portlets. Additional developer tools include ALI Logging Utilities, standardized support for .NET Web Controls, WSRP and JSR-168, and the UI Customization Installer.

Integration Services

Integration services provide ways to combine the functionality of commonly deployed enterprise systems into composite applications. Services connect with a range of enterprise systems, including Documentum, IBM/Lotus Notes, Siebel, SAP and most Microsoft applications, including Active Directory, Excel, Exchange, Windows, and Sharepoint.

AquaLogic® BPM Workspace Extensions

AquaLogic BPM is used to create and manage departmental, enterprise, and inter-enterprise business processes. AquaLogic BPM Workspace Extensions is an extended version of AquaLogic BPM, designed to integrate with the AquaLogic Interaction portal to provide an enhanced set of administrative features and end user experiences. It was previously known as AquaLogic Interaction Process.

Note. In AquaLogic BPM 6.0 and later releases, the Workspace Extensions functionality is included as an integral feature of the application.

AquaLogic® Ensemble, Pages, and Pathways

AquaLogic Ensemble, Pages, and Pathways provide a powerful set of tools for surfacing and managing web resources, authoring web pages, building web applications, and using the wisdom of the crowd to discover information.