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AquaLogic® Ensemble 1.0

AquaLogic Ensemble is a proxy and security management system. With Ensemble, you can expose internal applications to external users. You can secure each application independently and use multiple authentication methods to provide a tier of access levels.

In addition to exposing whole applications, Ensemble allows you to create and deploy pagelets. A pagelet is a sub-component of a web page, proxied through Ensemble, that can be injected into any proxied application. A pagelet can be anything from plain text to a complex, self-contained application that leverages the developer features of Ensemble and AquaLogic User Interaction.

Getting Started

The following documents provide installation information and guidance for planning your Ensemble deployment.

Administering Ensemble

The Administrator Guide provides detailed information about how to configure and use Ensemble.


Developer Tools

The following documentation provides useful information for developers responsible for customizing Ensemble deployments.