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About Frame Titles

When using Siebel Business Applications, often screens are divided into sections using HTML frames. You can add titles to the frames to make sections more easily distinguishable to users who use a screen reader.

Siebel administrators and developers can customize the title on each frame using Siebel Tools. They can add an application-level property to the Siebel application and specify multiple user properties. For more information about configuring properties using Siebel Tools, see Using Siebel Tools and Siebel Developer's Reference.

After frame title properties are set, a screen reader identifies frames using the internal Siebel application name, for example, _sweclient.

NOTE:  This feature is available only in standard-interactivity client with accessibility features enabled.

Frame Title Naming Conventions

When using Siebel Tools to configure frame titles, use the following conventions:

  • Specify user property names that adhere to the following format:

    HTMLFramesTitle0 up to HTMLFramesTitle15

  • Assign user property values that adhere to the following format:

    FrameName1:User Title1 or FrameName2:UserTitle2

    NOTE:  Frame title user property values cannot exceed 250 characters.

Table 4 outlines some examples of frame title user property names with assigned values.

Table 4. Examples of Frame Title User Property Names and Values
User Property Name
User Property Value


_swe: My SWE, _sweclient:MY SWE CLIENT


_sweapp:My APPLICATION, _swecda:My SWE CDA, _swescrnbar:MY SCREENBAR

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