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Configuring the Siebel Web Part for Team Spaces

There are two kinds of changes that you can make to the Siebel Web Part. You can change:

  • Which fields from the opportunity or service request records are displayed in the team spaces
  • The layout and formatting of the Siebel Web Part

The ObjectType element in the config.xml file determines which fields from the object's business component can appear in the Siebel Web Part.

The siebelSR.xsl and siebelOpp.xsl files determine the layout and formatting of the service request data and the opportunity data in the Siebel Web Part. (The colors and fonts come from CSS style sheets referenced in the ASPX pages.) After you add or delete fields from the config.xml file, you need to make the corresponding changes to the XSL file; each field must be referenced in both files, otherwise they do not appear in the Siebel Web Part.

This task is a step in Process of Configuring Siebel Collaboration.

To add or delete fields from the Siebel Web Part

  1. Open the config.xml file in the Siebel-SharePoint Integration\config directory.

    For example, C:\Siebel\SharePointIntegration\config\config.xml

  2. Locate the ObjectType element for the Web Part object you want to change (Opportunity or Service Request).
  3. Add or delete Field elements as necessary. When you add a field, the name of the field must match the name of the field in the business component.

    For example, to add the Area field and delete the Account field from the Service Request Web Part, edit the config.xml file by adding the bold text and deleting the italic text from the Service Request object.

    <ObjectType Type="Service Request" SitePrefix="SR" SiteTemplate="SIEBEL#0" SiteTheme="SIEBEL" ActiveDays="30" ActiveNewDays="1" UserRole="Contributor">
    <LocaleText lcid="1033" text="Service Request" />
    <SiteGroup Role="Contributor">
    <LocaleText lcid="1033" text="Siebel Users" />
    <UserGroup Role="Administrator">
    <User Login="CHANGE_ME (or delete user groups element)" />
    <Field name="SR Number">
    <LocaleText lcid="1033" text="Service Request #" />
    <Field name="Abstract">
    <LocaleText lcid="1033" text="Summary" />
    <Field name="Description">
    <LocaleText lcid="1033" text="Description" />
    <Field name="Account">
    <LocaleText lcid="1033" text="Account" />
    <Field name="Area">
    <LocaleText lcid="1033" text="SR Area" />
    <Field name="Status">
    <LocaleText lcid="1033" text="Status" />

  4. Open the XSL file corresponding to the object you are modifying.

    For example, for the service request object, open the file C:\Siebel\SharePointIntegration\config\SiebelSR.xsl

  5. Add or delete Field elements as necessary to match the changes you made in Step 3.

    For example,

    <xsl:template match="/SiebelCollaboration/FieldList">
    <xsl:apply-templates select="Field[@Name='SR Number']" />
    <xsl:apply-templates select="Field[@Name='Abstract']" />
    <xsl:apply-templates select="Field[@Name='Description']" />
    <xsl:apply-templates select="Field[@Name='Status']" />
    <xsl:apply-templates select="Field[@Name='Area']" />
    <xsl:apply-templates select="Field[@Name='Account']" />

To edit the formatting and layout in the Siebel Web Part

  1. Open the XSL file for the Siebel Web Part in the Siebel-SharePoint Integration\config directory.

    For example, C:\Siebel\SharePointIntegration\config\SiebelSR.xsl

  2. Edit the file; use standard XSL syntax to modify the XSL file.

    The XML that the XSL manipulates has the following format:

    <Field Name="Area">
    <Value>Help Desk<Value>
    <Caption>SR Area</Caption>
    <Field Name="Abstract">
    <Value>Printer isn't working<Value>
    . . .

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