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GetBestPricedEntitlement Method

GetBestPricedEntitlement uses entitlement discounts to retrieve the best-priced entitlement. The Price Details view in the Entitlements view of the Agreements screen shows entitlement discounts. This method automates the process of verifying entitlements by cycling through all the entitlements for order or quote line items and identifying the best-priced entitlement for each line item. This method then enters the ID of the best-priced entitlement on each line item.

You can implement this method by including it in a configured pricing procedure. This procedure can then consistently include agreement discounts without explicitly requiring the user to call this method from the line item by clicking a button.

Invoked From

This method is called by the FS - Verify Entitlement Order Best Price and FS - Verify Entitlement Quote Best Price workflows.

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