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Fulfill Method

The Fulfill method fulfills an order line item, order, or a group of orders.

By default, the Fulfillment Engine is used as a server component and not as a business service.

Invoked From

This method is called with a user selects the Fulfill command (in the menu in the List view of the Service Orders screen) to find the products in the order line items, allocate the products in those line items, and generate pick tickets for the products.


You can use this method in the following ways:

  1. Call the Fulfillment Engine in the standard manner to analyze orders, allocate products for each order line item, and automatically generate pick tickets. When fulfilling the inventory, the Fulfillment Engine considers the inventory relationships in the Relationships view of the Inventory screen. For more information about the input parameters for the standard manner of usage, see Parameters for the Fulfillment and Part Locator Engines.
  2. Explicitly specify the order that the Fulfillment Engine evaluates the inventory locations for fulfillment.

    Individual inventories cannot be related to other inventories in the list. The inventories are sorted by the score. You can use inventory scoring for geocode-based fulfillment so that orders are fulfilled from the nearest warehouse. Table 67 describes the additional arguments for this manner of usage.

    Table 67. Arguments for Fulfill Method: Explicitly Specifying Inventory Location Order
    Argument Name


    The inventory location IDs. This argument is a property set that includes the inventory IDs and the associated scores. The property set is sorted by score.

    Fulfill List Mode

    The method of sequencing the inventory location IDs. Values include ASCENDING and DESCENDING.

    The following example code includes these arguments:

    Fulfill List Mode = ASCENDING
    {""XX-ABCD"", 10
    ""YY-PQRS"", 34
    } Type = InvLocIds

    NOTE:  If you want to call the Fulfillment Engine with Fulfill List Mode argument of Ascending and explicitly pass the sequence of inventory location IDs to search, then do not set up fulfillment relationships between inventory locations in the Relationships view of the Inventory screen. Order fulfillment with Fulfill List Mode argument of Ascending uses only the inventory locations explicitly defined in the argument and the associated sublevel locations.

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