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About Fulfillment

Siebel Field Service includes the following methods for automatically filling an order:

  • The Fulfillment Engine automatically finds in inventory the products (or substitutes for those products) in the order line items, allocates (or reserves) the products in those line items, and generates pick tickets for those products.
  • The Part Locator Engine, a semi-automated version of the Fulfillment Engine, provides the user control over fulfillment of the individual line items in an order. The user can separately complete each of the following automatic tasks for a selected line item:
    • Find in inventory the product (or substitute for the product) in that line item. You use the Locate button or Locate command to complete this task.
    • Allocate (or reserve) the product in that line item. You use the Allocate button or Allocate command to complete this task.
    • Generate a pick ticket for that product. You use the Generate PickTickets command to complete this task.
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