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About Receiving Repaired Products from Third-Party Vendors

In the Receive Purchase Order, Receive RMA, and the Receive Internal Order views of the Receiving screen, selecting the Process Receipt command generates transactions (with a value of Receive From TP in the Type field), to move a product from a third-party vendor to the appropriate inventory location.

To access the Receive Purchase Order, Receive RMA, or Receive Internal Order view, navigate to the Receiving screen, select All Pending Orders from the visibility filter, and drill down on the Receive Type field for a record. These views appear, and associated lists for line items and serial numbers appear in these views.

To receive an product from a third-party location, define the third-party location in the Service Orders screen and the receiving location in the To Inventory field in the Line Item Receipts view of the Receiving screen.

The following steps summarize the inventory transaction process for receiving a repaired product from a third-party vendor:

  1. Generate an inventory transaction with a value of Receive From TP for the Type field.
  2. Commit the inventory transaction.
  3. Using the BusComp FS Repair Without Update processing logic, update the inventory location ID (Prod_INV_ID), inventory location (INVLOC_ID), status (INV_STSTUS_CD), and availability (INV_AVAIL_CD) for the repair number (S_PART_RPR).

Table 48 describes the rules for the inventory transactions that relate to receipts from third-party vendors.

Table 48. Rules for Inventory Transactions: Receipts from Third-Party Vendors
Source Inventory
Source Inventory Level
Source Assets
Destination Inventory
Destin. Inventory Level
Destin. Assets

Receive From TP

Source Invloc ID. The Destination Location field in the Actions view in the Line Items view of the Service Orders screen.

On Hand



Destination Invloc ID. The Source Location field in the Actions view in the Line Items view of the Service Orders screen.

On Hand - Good



NOTE:  For the asset columns in the preceding table, the assets are included in the transaction validation if the product is serialized. Also, TP represents third-party vendor.

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