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Approving a Deal Registration

When a deal registration is submitted, it is available for approval by the vendor.

To approve a deal registration

  1. Navigate to Administration - Inbox.

    A deal registration that requires approval is displayed in the inbox of the current approver.

  2. Drill down on the deal registration to the single page view.
  3. Check if there are potential duplicates by clicking the Similar Registrations tab.

    NOTE:  Opportunities identified as potential duplicates must share the same end customer and have at least one product in common.

  4. Approve, reject or return the deal registration.

    If and when the final approver approves, the status of the deal registration changes to Approved.

Only one deal registration can be approved for each opportunity. If other deal registrations are submitted for the same opportunity, they appear in the registrations list, but you cannot approve them until the current approved registration expires.

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