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About Installing Search for the Siebel Remote Client

This chapter covers installation of Search for Siebel Remote, and installation of related Siebel components. The Siebel Mobile Client must be installed before installing Search for Siebel Remote. See Siebel Remote and Replication Manager Administration Guide for information on the Siebel Mobile Web Client and Siebel Remote. Siebel Search for Siebel Remote is supported in employee-facing applications, and is not supported in customer-facing applications.

NOTE:  Siebel Search for Siebel Remote is supported only on the Windows operating system.

Upgrading from Siebel Search Version 7.x

Any custom search objects which were defined in Siebel Search Version 7.x must be redefined in the file SSC_DSM_Field-Mappings.xml. See Configuring Index Mappings.

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