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Oracle® Secure Enterprise Search Administration API Guide
11g Release 1 (

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Creatable Administration Object Errors

In the Web services API, these errors are CreatableAdminObjectFault SOAP faults. They apply only to creatable object types.

EQA-11000: The object with key objectKey and type creatableType was not found.
Cause: An object with the given key and type did not exist.
Action: Ensure that the object key and type are correct and the object actually exists.
EQA-11001: The object with key objectKey and type creatableType already exists.
Cause: An object with the given key and type was already defined.
Action: Perform an update operation instead of create to revise the definition of an existing object. Or, in a createAll operation, specify overwrite or ignore for the duplicate method.
EQA-11002: The operation operationName is not supported for the object with key objectKey and type creatableType.
Cause: The specified operation cannot be performed on the object.
Action: If possible, use a related, supported operation for the object, such as delete instead of deleteList. Otherwise, none. The operation is not supported.
EQA-11003: The maximum number of objects allowed with type creatableType and value keyValue for key keyName is maxObjects.
Cause: The object was not created, because the maximum number of objects with the specified name and value already existed. For example, an altWord object can have a maximum of four alternate words with the same keyword.
Action: Delete one or more existing objects before trying to create new ones with the specified name and value.
EQA-11004: The object with key objectKey and type creatableType is not an instance of type creatableType that is currently supported.
Cause: The specified key and object type were valid, but the object cannot be managed through the Administration API. For example, the Administration API can manage sources but cannot manage all source types.
Action: Use a method of managing the object that is currently supported, such as the Administration GUI.