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Oracle® Coherence Release Notes for Oracle Coherence
Release 3.5

Part Number E14978-01
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1 Technical Changes and Enhancements

This chapter describes the changes and enhancements made to the Oracle Coherence product for the 3.5 release. This document is accurate at the time of publication. Oracle updates the release notes periodically after the software release.

1.1 Oracle Coherence for Java 3.5

The following is a list of new features and improvements in Oracle Coherence 3.5:

New and Improved Coherence Data Grid Functionality

Coherence*Web Enhancements

WebLogic Portal Integration

Other Enhancements and Fixes

Backward Compatibility

The AbstractExtractor implementation has an additional ability to operate against the java.util.Map.Entry instead of just the value. This allows any sub-classed to extract a desired value using all available information on the corresponding Map.Entry object and is intended to be used in advanced custom scenarios, when application code must look at both key and value at the same time or can make some very specific assumptions regarding to the implementation details of the underlying Entry object. The only impact of that change is that custom subclasses of the EntryExtractor have to change the parameter signature for the extractFromBinary() method.

1.2 Oracle Coherence for .NET 3.5

Other Enhancements and Fixes:

1.3 Oracle Coherence for C++ 3.5

Additional Platform Support

Performance Improvements

Other Enhancements and Fixes