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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Content Server
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number E10807-01
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2.2 Resources

Resources are files that define and implement the actual customization you make to the content server. They can be pieces of HTML code, dynamic page elements, queries that gather data from the database, services that perform content server actions, or special code to conditionally format information.

Resources are a critical part of the content server software, so you must be familiar with them before you attempt to create a custom component or dynamic server page. You can create, edit, or remove a resource file by using the Component Wizard. You also can use the Component Wizard as a starting point for creating custom resources.

Resources fall into distinct categories, although the first four types listed in the following table are also called Resource-type resources:

Resource Type Description Example of Standard Resource
HTML Include Defines pieces of HTML markup and Idoc Script code that are used on multiple content server Web page. IdcHomeDir/resources/core/idoc/std_page.idoc
String Defines localized strings for the user interface and error messages. IdcHomeDir/resources/core/lang/cs_strings.htm
Dynamic Table (HDA format) Provides dynamic (frequently changed) content in table format to the content server. IdcHomeDir/resources/core/datastoredesign/columnIndexdList.hda
Static Table (HTML format) Provides static (seldom changed) content in table format to the content server. IdcHomeDir/resources/ core/std_locale.htm
Query Defines database queries. IdcHomeDir/resources/ core/tables/query.htm
Service Defines scripts for services that can be performed by the content server. IdcHomeDir/resources/ core/tables/std_services.htm
Template Defines templates, which contain the code that the content server uses to assemble a particular Web page. IdcHomeDir/resources/core/templates/checkin_new.htm
Environment Defines configuration settings for the content server. IntradocDir/config/config.cfg