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Oracle® Access Manager Installation Guide
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Part Number E12493-01
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13 About Installing Audit-to-Database Components

The Oracle Access Manager auditing feature collects and presents data pertaining to policy and profile settings, system events, and usage patterns. Oracle Access Manager can generate two types of audit reports:

You can record all dynamic audit reports and some static audit reports to disk file, to a relational database, or both. Some static reports can also be displayed in limited form through the graphical user interface.

Displaying audit reports on-screen or sending audit output to disk files does not require the installation of special components. If you intend to display audit reports in this way, you must complete configuration instructions in the Oracle Access Manager Identity and Common Administration Guide.

Auditing to a database is restricted to certain Oracle Access Manager system configurations and requires the installation of special components in addition to setup using the System Console. For instructions, see the Oracle Access Manager Identity and Common Administration Guide.