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Oracle SALT Silent Mode Installation

The following sections describe how to install Oracle SALT using silent mode installation on both Windows and UNIX systems:


Preparing for Silent Mode Installation

Before you install Oracle SALT, complete the following tasks.


Creating a Silent Mode Installation Template File

To create a template file for use in the silent installation process, you must use keywords as shown in Table 4-1:

Table 4-1 Template File Keywords 
For This Keyword . . .
Enter the Following Value . . .
(UNIX and Windows)
The mode of installation. The default is silent; do not modify this value.
(UNIX and Windows)
The full pathname of the Oracle Home directory of your choice.
(UNIX and Windows)
If you are using silent mode installation over an existing version of Oracle SALT, you must add this line to your template file.
This is a case-sensitive keyword; the value must be lowercase. Any value other than “yes” will not overwrite the existing Oracle SALT version and cancels the installation.
(UNIX and Windows)
Choose install set. The default is ClientServer.

Sample UNIX Template


Sample Windows Template



Installing Oracle SALT on UNIX

To invoke the silent mode installation procedure on a UNIX system, execute the following steps:


Installing Oracle SALT on Windows

To invoke the silent installation procedure on a Windows system, execute the following steps:

The silent mode installation time is approximately the same as copying interactive mode files. If the silent installer returns immediately, then the installation is running in the background and will complete within a few minutes.


Verifying Silent Mode Installation

You can verify successful silent mode installation by checking the TUXDIR directory to see if all the SALT binaries are listed.

If silent mode installation failed, check the following log files:






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