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Oracle® Smart Update Installing Patches and Maintenance Packs
Release 3.2

Part Number E14143-05
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11 Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ includes the following questions:

How do I get a Support ID?

To obtain a My Oracle Support account, go to the Oracle Support site,, and click My Oracle Support Login or Oracle Metalink Login.On the My Oracle Support page, follow the instructions to register as a new user.

What is a Bug or CR?

A bug is a defect in the existing code or functionality not performing as documented. CR is the BEA-equivalent term for bug.

How can I get a fix to a bug? Can I get a patch for a bug?

Use the Smart Update tool to view, download, and apply available patches. If a patch is not available from Smart Update to fix your problem, open a case with My Oracle Support.

How do I obtain security advisory notifications?

Go to the Critical Patch Updates and Security Alerts page, to see an updated list of advisories and the recommended remedies or patches. You may also register at to receive notification of security advisories.

What is a private patch?

Private patch is one that Oracle Support makes available to you as part of a custom maintenance solution, and is not generally available from the My Oracle Support Repository to all customers.

How do I get the ID for a private patch?

Oracle Support sends the patch ID and passcode to you through e-mail.

How do I download just a maintenance pack?

Maintenance packs are available individually for download to users with a valid maintenance contract. You can obtain a maintenance pack in either of the following ways:

What products can I patch using the Smart Update tool?

See Products Supported by Smart Update Version 3.2.

Do I need a support contract to download patches from My Oracle Support?

You do need a support contract to obtain a My Oracle Support account. You can download patches and updates only if you have a My Oracle Support account.