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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Disaster Recovery Guide
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)

Part Number E15250-01
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A Managing Oracle Inventory

This appendix describes how to manage your Oracle Inventory on the production and standby sites for an Oracle Fusion Middleware Disaster Recovery topology.

It includes this topic:

A.1 Updating Oracle Inventory

When you update the Oracle inventory (for example, by installing new Oracle software, or by applying an Oracle patch set or patch to existing Oracle software) on a production site host, you must make sure that the same software updates are made on the standby site peer host.To do this, you must update the Oracle inventory on the standby site peer host by executing the following script:


In addition, you must update the beahomelist file to edit the location of a Middleware home. Edit the following file to update the Middleware home information: