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Oracle® Fail Safe Tutorial
Release 3.4.2 for Microsoft Windows

Part Number E14009-01
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10 Identifying the Location of Fail-Safe Databases to Client Applications

Ordinarily, end-user applications identify the location of a database by its physical node address. When you add a database to a group, the location of the database in the group is identified by the virtual address of the group.

10.1 Updating the tnsnames.ora File

If your end-user applications use tnsnames.ora to locate databases, use a tool such as Oracle Net Assistant to change the host value in tnsnames.ora on client systems from the physical node address to the virtual address of the group. Oracle Fail Safe makes this update for you on the server systems and the client system from which you run Oracle Fail Safe Manager.

Description of tnsnames.gif follows
Description of the illustration tnsnames.gif