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automatic accounting instructions
setting up for Australia, 4.6
setting up for GST, 4.6


Business Unit Alternate Description Master (F0006D), 1.3
business units
translating descriptions, 1.3


chart of accounts
setting up for GST (AUS), 4.5
Create Australia EFT Payment File (R04572OZ), 3.2.2
setting up for Australia, 5.2.2


delinquency notice text
translating, 1.3
display preferences
setup, 1.5.1


Enquire Tax/Adjustment Print Control (P75A0200), 5.7


F0006D (Business Unit Alternate Description Master), 1.3


goods and service tax, 2.1
accounts payable setup, 4.4.2
accounts receivable setup, 4.4.1
adding customer master information, 5.2.2
adding supplier master information, 5.2.3
Enter Purchase Orders (P4310), 5.5
general ledger setup, 4.4.3
Invoice Entry MBF Processing Options (P03B0011), 5.6
Invoice Print (R42565), 5.6
overview, 5.1
Post Invoices to GL (R09801), 5.6
Post Manual Payments to GL (R09801), 5.5
Post Payments to GL (R09801), 5.5
Post Receipts to GL (R09801), 5.6
Post Vouchers to GL (R09801), 5.5
Print Purchase Orders (R43500), 5.5
setting up general ledger accounts, 4.5
setting up items, 5.3
setting up nonstock items, 5.4
setting up tax authorities, 4.1
setting up tax explanation codes, 4.3
setting up tax rate and areas, 4.2
setting up tax rules, 4.4
Speed Invoice Entry (P03B11SI), 5.6
Standard Invoice Entry (P03B11), 5.6
Voucher Entry MBF Processing Options (P0400047), 5.5
GST reports, 6.1
GST tax processing
R75A0210 (Print Tax Invoice/Adjustment Note), 6.1
R75A0220 (Print Withholding Tax Summary Report), 6.1
R75A0230 (Print Recipient Created Tax Invoice), 6.1
R75A0240 (Print RCTI Adjustment Notes), 6.1
GST, Australia, 4.1


localization country code, 1.5.4


multilingual environments
translation issues, 1.3


P00065 (Translate Business Units), 1.3
P0092 (User Profile Revisions)
processing options, 1.5.3
setting up for country-specific access, 1.5.1
P03B2801 (Letter Text Table Maintenance), 1.3
P75A0200 (Enquire Tax/Adjustment Print Control), 5.7, 5.7
payment formats
Singapore, 7.1.1
payment formats, Australia, 3.2.1
payments with EFT format,
Print RCTI Adjustment Notes (R75A0240)
description, 6.1
overview, 6.1.6
processing options, 6.1.7
Print Recipient Created Tax Invoice (R75A0230)
description, 6.1
overview, 6.1.4
processing options, 6.1.5
Print Singapore CTS Cheque (R04572SG)
processing options, 7.1.2
Print Tax Invoice/Adjustment Note (R75A0210)
description, 6.1
overview, 6.1.1, 6.1.1
processing options, 6.1.2, 6.1.2
Print Withholding Tax Summary Report (R75A0220)
description, 6.1
processing options, 6.1.3
printing RCTI adjustment notes, 6.1.6
printing recipient-created tax invoices, 6.1.4
processing payroll, 2.1


R04572OZ (Create Australia EFT Payment File), 3.2.2, 3.2.2
R04572SG (Print Singapore CTS Cheque)
processing options, 7.1.2
R75A0210 (Print Tax Invoice/Adjustment Note)
description, 6.1
overview, 6.1.1
processing options, 6.1.2
R75A0220 (Print Withholding Tax Summary Report)
description, 6.1, 6.1
processing options, 6.1.3, 6.1.3
R75A0230 (Print Recipient Created Tax Invoice)
description, 6.1, 6.1
overview, 6.1.4, 6.1.4
processing options, 6.1.5, 6.1.5
R75A0240 (Print RCTI Adjustment Notes)
description, 6.1, 6.1
overview, 6.1.6, 6.1.6
processing options, 6.1.7
RCTIs, 6.1.4


setting up
tax authorities in Australia, 4.1
tax explanation codes for Australia, 4.3
tax rates and areas for Australia, 4.2
tax rules for Australia, 4.4
payment format, 7.1.1
R04572SG (Print Singapore CTS Cheque)
processing options, 7.1.2
setting up for Australia, 5.2.3
system setup
user display preferences, 1.5.1


tax rules
setting up for Australia, 4.4
Translate Business Units (P00065), 1.3
translation, 1.3
business unit descriptions, 1.3
delinquency notice text, 1.3
multilingual environments, 1.3
routines, country-specific, 1.4


User Profile Revisions (P0092)
processing options, 1.5.3
setting up for country-specific access, 1.5.1
User Profile Revisions form, 1.5.4