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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Applications Operational Sourcing Implementation Guide
Release 9.1.x

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Accept Event Invitation form, 6.5.2
ad hoc items, 4.4.6
Add Adhoc Bidder form, 4.3.8
Add Bid Question Template form, 3.3.3
Add New Item form, 4.4.6
Add/Edit Event form, 4.3.6, 4.4.4
Address Book, integrating with Operational Sourcing, 1.3
Adhoc Item Definition table (F43Q92), A.1
Analyze Event Detail table (F43Q51), A.1
Analyze Event form, 5.1.5, 5.2.5
Answer Product or Service Questions form, 6.6.3
awarding bids, 5.2.1


Bid History, 6.8.1
Bid History form, 6.8.3
Bid Question List Values table (F43Q61), A.1
Bid Question Price Component table (F43Q62), A.1
Bid Question Template Setup program (P43Q60), 3.3.1
bid questions
adding to an event, 4.3.9
entering for a commodity,
entering for an item,
Bid Questions table (F43Q60), A.1
Bidder Registration table (F43Q91), A.1
Bidder Response Decline table (F43Q403), A.1
Bidder Workbench, 6.1
accepting and declining event invitations, 6.5
entering bidder price breaks, 6.7.4
entering buyer price breaks, 6.7.5
entering price components, 6.7.6
previewing an event, 6.6.1
registering for an event, 6.3
responding to an event, 6.7.1
reviewing bid history, 6.8.1
selecting values for a list question, 6.7.7
Bidder Workbench program (P43Q40), 6.1
ad hoc, 4.1, 4.3.8
inviting, 4.3.7
user ID and password, 4.1
BOM (bill of material), 4.4.8


canceling an event, 4.6.1
Create Event Processing (P43Q0040), processing options, 4.3.3
Create Event program (P43Q10), processing options for, 4.3.4


Decline Event Invitation form, 6.5.3


Edit Additional Line Information form, 4.4.5
ending an event, 4.6.1
Enter Price Breaks form, 6.7.4, 6.7.5
Enter Price Components form, 6.7.6
event analysis
adding bid questions, 5.1.9
adding questions, 5.1.1
event header information, 5.1.6
event line information, 5.1.7
event summary information, 5.1.5
modifying bidders' responses, 5.1.1
modifying ideal responses, 5.1.10
modifying responses, 5.1.11
modifying the ideal response, 5.1.1
overview, 5.1.2
price break and price component information, 5.1.8
scoring text questions, 5.1.1, 5.1.12
Event Bidder Password Temp table (F43Q35), 4.1
Event Bidder Password Temp Table (F43Q35), A.1
Event Currencies table (F43Q15), A.1
Event Detail Bid Question List table (F43Q211), A.1
Event Detail Bid Question Price Component table (F43Q212), A.1
Event Detail Bid Questions table (F43Q21), A.1
Event Detail Price Break table (F43Q213), A.1
Event Detail table (F43Q11), A.1
Event Header Bid Question List table (F43Q201), A.1
Event Header Bid Questions form, 4.3.9
Event Header Bid Questions table (F43Q20), A.1
Event Header table (F43Q10), A.1
Event Invited Bidders table (F43Q30), 4.1, A.1
Event Workbench program (P43Q70), 4.1, 4.4.1, 4.6.1
processing options, 4.3.5
adding ad hoc bidders, 4.3.8
adding header bid questions, 4.3.9
analyzing, 5.1
awarding bids, 5.2
extending, 4.6.4
inviting bidders, 4.3.7
managing, 4.6
overview, 4.1
pausing, resuming, canceling, or extending, 4.6.3
printing, 4.5
RFI, 4.3
copying from an RFI, 4.3.10
RFx, 4.4
events, process to create, 4.1
extending an event, 4.6.1


F43Q911 – Bidder Country VAT table (F43Q911), A.1


General Accounting, integrating with Operational Sourcing, 1.3


header and line question weighting, 4.4.2


Inventory Management, integrating with Operational Sourcing, 1.3


List of Values form, 6.7.7
list questions,


managing events, 4.6


Operational Sourcing
business process, 1.2
implementation steps, 1.4
system overview, 1.1


pausing an event, 4.6.1
posting awards, 5.2.1
Posting Awards, 5.2.5
price breaks, 4.4.1
bidder, 6.7.4
buyer, 6.7.5
price components, 4.4.1, 6.7.6
price question, 4.4.1
printing events, 4.5.1
Processing Options for Create Event (P43Q10), 4.3.4
Processing Options for Create Event Processing (P43Q0040), 4.3.3
Processing Options for Event Workbench (P43Q70), 4.3.5
Processing Options for RFx Print (R43Q110), 4.5.3
Procurement, integrating with Operational Sourcing, 1.3


header, 3.3.1
line, 3.3.1


Response Detail Question List table (F43Q50), A.1
Response Detail Question Price Break table (F43Q412), A.1
Response Detail Question Price Components table (F43Q413), A.1
Response Detail Question table (F43Q411), A.1
Response Disallow Line table (F43Q405), A.1
Response Disallow table (F43Q404), A.1
Response Header Question List table (F43Q402), A.1
Response Header Question table (F43Q401), A.1
Response Header table (F43Q40), A.1
Response Line table (F43Q41), A.1
resuming an event, 4.6.1
adding, 4.3.6
adding bid questions, 4.3.9
analyzing, 5.1.1
copying from an RFI, 4.3.10
overview, 4.3.1
ad hoc items, 4.4.1
add ad hoc items, 4.4.6
adding, 4.4.4
adding additional line information, 4.4.5
analyzing, 5.1.2
copying from a BOM (bill of material), 4.4.1, 4.4.8
copying from an RFI, 4.4.1
copying from an RFx, 4.4.1, 4.4.7
inventory item lines, 4.4.1
overview, 4.4.1
service lines, 4.4.1
RFx Print report
processing options, 4.5.3
RFx Print report (R43Q110)
overview, 4.5.1


Score Text Question Revision form, 5.1.12
Search and Select Bidders form, 4.3.7
Search for Events form, 4.6.3
Search for RFIs form, 4.3.10
Search for RFx form, 4.4.7
Select BOM Components form, 4.4.8
Sourcing Constants form, 3.4.4
Sourcing Constants program (P43Q90), 3.4.1
Sourcing Constants table (F43Q90), A.1
System Setup
bid question templates, 3.3
system constants, 3.4
UDCs, 3.2


types of bid questions,


add item to Inventory Management (43Q/AI), 3.2.2
award actions (43Q/AA), 3.2.2
bid question sort (43Q/SQ), 3.2.2
bid question status (43Q/QS), 3.2.2
bid question types (43Q/BT), 3.2.2
bid sort (43Q/BH), 3.2.2
bid status (43Q/BS), 3.2.2
bidder search type (43Q/IB), 3.2.2
bidder sort methods (43Q/SB), 3.2.2
bidder sort methods for header information (43Q/SI), 3.2.2
bidder sort methods for line information (43Q/S2), 3.2.2
bidder sort methods for RFI (43Q/S3), 3.2.2
blanket order or purchase order (43Q/AT), 3.2.2
commodity levels (43Q/CC), 3.2.2
contact type (01/CT), 3.2.1
currency (43Q/AC), 3.2.2
document types (00/DT), 3.2.1
event dates (43Q/ED), 3.2.2
event formats (43Q/EF), 3.2.2
event line statuses (43Q/LS), 3.2.2
event line types (43Q/LT), 3.2.2
event sort methods (43Q/WB), 3.2.2
event sort methods for Bidder Workbench (43Q/WS), 3.2.2
event statuses (43Q/ES), 3.2.2
invitation statuses (43Q/IS), 3.2.2
measures of time (43Q/TM), 3.2.2
payment methods (43Q/PM), 3.2
price break information (43Q/PB), 3.2.2
price component information (43Q/PC), 3.2.2
print messages (40/PM), 3.2.1
reason codes, 3.2
revenue ranges (43Q/RR), 3.2
yes/no responses (43Q/YN), 3.2.2