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00/PY (Payment Instruments),
setting up for Japan,
01/LP (Language Preference Codes),
setting up for Japan,
70/BI (Bank ID Validation Exception), 4.1.1
75J/GC (Life Month Group Code),
75/PS (Draft Status Code),
75/RE (Receipt Type - Japan),
75/TT (Bank Transfer Type),
75/WT (Withholding Tax Category),


accounts payable bank transfers
journal entries for Japan, 4.3.1
pay items for Japan, 4.3.1
accounts payable drafts
overriding bank account for Japan, 4.3
Accounts payable drafts, 4.3
Add Setup for Life Months form, 3.8.3
Add Setup for Life Months form (JPN), 3.8.3
Address Book Revision Japan form, 3.4.4
A/P Draft Payable List (R75402), 4.15
A/R Batch Draft Creation (R03B671), 4.1
AR drafts, 4.1
Assets acquired on or after April 1 - 2007 (R75J502)
overview, 4.14.2
processing options, 4.14.7
Assets acquired on or before March 31 - 2007 (R75J501)
overview, 4.14.1, 4.14.1
processing options, 4.14.5
automatic draft processing
hankin hante draft for Japan, 4.9.1
Automatic Draft Split - Hankin Hante (R75J04DS)
draft split process, 4.10.1
overview, 3.6.1
processing options, 4.10.8
automatic payment processing
hankin hante payments for Japan, 3.6, 4.9.1
splitting hankin hante payments,
Automatic Payment Split - Hankin Hante (R75J04PS)
processing options, 4.8.2,, 4.9.3
setting up, 3.6.1
Automatically splitting payments,


Balance sheet
printing, 4.12.3
Balance Sheet (R75J111B) (JPN), 4.12.4
Balance sheets
overview, 4.12.1
Bank Account Cross-Reference (P0030A), 4.1
Bank Account Exception Report (R00314), 4.1
Bank Account Information (P0030G), 4.1
bank accounts
A/P drafts override for Japan, 4.3
AR draft process, 4.1
draft remittance, 4.1
Bank Charge Revision form (JPN), 4.11.6
Bank charges,
bank charges for Japan, 4.3.1,
Bank ID Validation Exception (70/BI), 4.1.1
bank IDs
overriding validation routines, 4.1.1
Bank Transfer Type (75/TT),
Bank transfers, 4.3.1, 4.11.1
bank transfers for Japan, 4.3.1, 4.11.1
Bank/Branch Master - Japan table (F75010), 4.11.3
Bank/Branch Revision form (JPN), 4.11.5
Bank/Branch Table Upload - Japan (R75010A)
overview, 4.11.3
processing options, 4.11.4
Bank/Branch/Charge Revision (P7530JP), 4.11.5, 4.11.6
Business Unit Alternate Description Master (F0006D), 1.3
business units
translating descriptions, 1.3


Calculate Withholding - Japan (R7500090)
overview, 4.5.1
processing options, 4.5.4
consumption tax, pay items for Japan, 4.3.1
Country Specific Processing Options - Japan (P04580JP), 4.5.5
Create A/P Bank Tape - Japan (R04572JP), 3.7.4
Create Payment Control Groups (R04570)
accounts payable drafts for Japan, 4.3
Creating payment groups, 4.3


delinquency notice text
translating, 1.3
Depreciation schedules, 4.14.1
display preferences
setup, 1.5.1
draft processing
overview for Japan, 4.2
Draft processing overview, 4.2
draft ratios for hankin hante payments,
Draft Receivable Report (R7503420), 4.15
Draft Remittance (R03B672), 4.1
draft splits
using fixed amounts,
using table amounts,
Draft Status Code (75/PS),
processing for Japan, 4.10
splitting using hankin hante process, 4.10.1
stamp tax on payments, 3.6.2
hankin hante, 4.10.1
overview, 4.10
splitting, 4.10.1


bank-assigned draft numbers, 4.10.3
Entering bank charges, 4.11.6
Example of automatic payment split,
Example of splitting drafts,


F0006D (Business Unit Alternate Description Master), 1.3
F75010 (Bank/Branch Master - Japan), 4.11.3
F750401 (Japanese A/B Tag Table), 3.4.1
F750411 (Withholding Tax Detail - Japan), 4.5.1
F75J04SA (Hankin Hante Split Amounts), 3.6.1, 4.10.1
Fixed assets
converting depreciation methods, 4.14
importing life months from a spreadsheet,
setting up life months, 3.8.1
UDC tables, 3.2.4
fund transfers for Japan, 4.11.1


hankin hante payments, 3.6.1
example of automatic payment split,
example of draft splits,
example of draft splits for Japan,
overview, 4.9.1
splitting drafts, 4.10.1
splitting payments automatically,
use of draft ratios,
Hankin hante payments
overview, 3.6
splitting payments, 4.9.1
Hankin Hante Split Amounts (F75J04SA), 4.10.1
Hankin Hante Split Amounts (P75J0411), 3.6.1, 4.10.1
Hankin Hante Split Amounts table (F75J04SA), 3.6.1


Income Statement (R75J211B) (JPN), 4.12.6
Income statements
overview, 4.12.2
printing, 4.12.5
invoice processing
Kagami (JPN), 4.4.3


Japan, 4.15
Japan Bank Transfer Paper (R04573JP), 3.7.5
Japanese A/B Tag Table (F750401), 3.4.1
Journal entries for bank transfers, 4.3.1
journal entries for bank transfers for Japan, 4.3.1


Kagami Invoice Statement - Japan (R03B5001JP)
processing options, 4.4.4
Kagami statement processing, 4.4
Kagami statements (JPN), 4.4
printing, 4.4.3


Language Preference Codes (01/LP)
setting up for Japan,
Life Month Group Code (75J/GC),
localization country code, 1.5.4


multilingual environments
translation issues, 1.3


Oracle Business Accelerator, 2.2
Overview of processes, 2.2
Overview of setup, 2.2


P00065 (Translate Business Units), 1.3
P0030A (Bank Account Cross-Reference), 4.1
P0030G (Bank Account Information), 4.1
P0092 (User Profile Revisions)
processing options, 1.5.3
setting up for country-specific access, 1.5.1
P03B2801 (Letter Text Table Maintenance), 1.3
P04580JP (Country Specific Processing Options - Japan), 4.5.5
P75013 (Stamp Tax Revision - Japan), 3.6.2
P75014 (Withholding Revisions - Japan), 3.5
P7530JP (Bank/Branch/Charge Revision), 4.11.5, 4.11.6
P75J0411 (Hankin Hante Split Amounts), 3.6.1, 4.10.1
P75J503 (Set Up for Life Month), 3.8.1
pay items
adjustments for Japan, 4.3.1
bank transfers for Japan, 4.3.1
payment formats
Japan, 3.7.1
Payment formats, 3.7.1
Payment Instruments (00/PY)
setting up for Japan,
printing Kagami statements, 4.4.3


R00314 (Bank Account Exception Report), 4.1
R03B5001JP (Kagami Invoice Statement - Japan)
processing options, 4.4.4
R03B671 (A/R Batch Draft Creation), 4.1
R03B672 (Draft Remittance), 4.1
R04570 (Create Payment Control Groups)
bank transfers for Japan, 4.3.1
R04572JP (Create A/P Bank Tape - Japan), 3.7.4
R04573JP (Japan Bank Transfer Paper), 3.7.5
R7500090 (Calculate Withholding - Japan)
overview, 4.5.1
processing options, 4.5.4
R75010A (Bank/Branch Table Upload - Japan)
overview, 4.11.3
processing options, 4.11.4
R7503420 (Draft Receivable Report), 4.15, 4.15
R750403 (Stamp Tax Calculation Report - Japan)
overview, 4.10.2
processing options, 4.10.10
R75402 (A/P Draft Payable List), 4.15
R75J04DS (Automatic Draft Split - Hankin Hante)
overview, 4.10.1
processing options, 4.10.8
set up, 3.6.1
R75J04PS (Automatic Payment Split - Hankin Hante)
processing options, 4.8.2,, 4.9.3
set up, 3.6.1
R75J111B (Balance Sheet) (JPN), 4.12.4
R75J211B (Income Statement) (JPN), 4.12.6
R75J501 (Assets acquired on or before March 31 - 2007)
overview, 4.14.1
processing options, 4.14.5
R75J502 (Assets acquired on or after April 1 - 2007)
overview, 4.14.2
processing options, 4.14.7
Receipt Type - Japan (75/RE),
Revising bank and branch information, 4.11.5


Set Up for Life Month (P75J503), 3.8.1
Set Up Hankin Hante Split Amounts, 3.6.5, 3.6.5
Setting up
hankin hante payments and drafts, 3.6.1
hankin hante split amounts, 3.6.4
Kagami invoices,
payment formats, 3.7.1
stamp tax table, 3.6.4
supplier withholding schedules, 3.5
suppliers, 3.4.1
UDCs for Accounts Payables, 3.2.2
UDCs for Accounts Receivables, 3.2.1
UDCs for bank accounts, 3.2.3
Setup for Life Month (F75J503), 3.8.1
Setup for Life Month form, 3.8.3
Setup for Life Month form (JPN), 3.8.3
Splitting payments, 4.9.1
Stamp Tax (F75013), 3.6.2
Stamp Tax Calculation Report - Japan (R750403)
overview, 4.10.2
processing options, 4.10.10
Stamp Tax Revision - Japan (P75013), 3.6.2
Stamp Tax Revision - Japan form, 3.6.6, 3.6.6
Stamp tax table, 3.6.2
Japan, 4.4
Supplier withholding, 4.5.1
system setup
user display preferences, 1.5.1


Transfer types,
Translate Business Units (P00065), 1.3
translation, 1.3
business unit descriptions, 1.3
delinquency notice text, 1.3
multilingual environments, 1.3
routines, country-specific, 1.4
Treating amount,, 4.11.6


Updating bank and branch information, 4.11.3
User Profile Revisions (P0092)
processing options, 1.5.3
setting up for country-specific access, 1.5.1
User Profile Revisions form, 1.5.4


Validating bank IDs, 4.1


Wareki date format, 2.1, 2.1
Withholding Revisions - Japan (P75014), 3.5
Withholding Tax Category (75/WT),
Withholding Tax Detail - Japan (F750411), 4.5.1
withholding taxes
calculating Japanese withholding tax, 4.5.1