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Oracle® Database Backup and Recovery Reference
12c Release 1 (12.1)

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Use the dbObject subclause to identify a database or a subset of a database.


Syntax Element Description
DATABASE Specifies the entire database. In a multitenant container database (CDB), specifies the whole CDB.
DATABASE ROOT Specifies only the root in a CDB.
PLUGGABLE DATABASE pdb_name Specifies one or more pluggable databases (PDBs) in a CDB. Use a comma-delimited list to specify multiple PDBs.
DATAFILE datafileSpec Specifies a list of one or more data files by either file name or absolute data file number.

See Also: datafileSpec

TABLESPACE tablespace_name
Specifies one or more tablespaces.
TABLESPACE pdb_name:tablespace_name Specifies the name of a tablespace in a PDB. Use a comma-delimited list to specify multiple tablespaces. Multiple PDBs can have tablespaces with the same name. A qualifier before the name uniquely identifies the tablespace. pdb-name is the name of the PDB that contains tablespace_name. If pdb_name is omitted, root is used a the default container.