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Property Description
Parameter type String
Default value There is no default value
Modifiable No
Basic No
Oracle RAC For Oracle RAC databases, it is recommended that the operating system processor groups for each database instance are all named the same, so that the same PROCESSOR_GROUP_NAME value can be used. However, you can choose to use different names. In this case, you would set the PROCESSOR_GROUP_NAME explicitly for each database instance.

PROCESSOR_GROUP_NAME specifies the name of the processor group that this instance should run in.

PROCESSOR_GROUP_NAME instructs the database instance to run itself within the specified operating system processor group. All Oracle processes will be bound to the CPUs in this group and will only run on these CPUs. For NUMA systems, all SGA and PGA memory allocated by the database instance will be allocated from NUMA nodes within the group.

This initialization parameter is supported on the Linux and Solaris operating systems.


Oracle recommends that this parameter be set only for databases on which the USE_DEDICATED_BROKER initialization parameter is also set to TRUE.

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