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12c Release 1 (12.1)

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ALL_TAB_COL_STATISTICS displays column statistics and histogram information extracted from "ALL_TAB_COLUMNS".

Related Views

Column Datatype NULL Description
OWNER VARCHAR2(128)   Owner of the table
TABLE_NAME VARCHAR2(128)   Name of the table
COLUMN_NAME VARCHAR2(128)   Column name
NUM_DISTINCT NUMBER   Number of distinct values in the column
LOW_VALUE RAW(1000)   Low value in the column
HIGH_VALUE RAW(1000)   High value in the column
DENSITY NUMBER   If a histogram is available on COLUMN_NAME, then this column displays the selectivity of a value that spans fewer than 2 endpoints in the histogram. It does not represent the selectivity of values that span 2 or more endpoints.

If a histogram is not available on COLUMN_NAME, then the value of this column is 1/NUM_DISTINCT.

NUM_NULLS NUMBER   Number of NULLs in the column
NUM_BUCKETS NUMBER   Number of buckets in histogram for the column
LAST_ANALYZED DATE   Date on which this column was most recently analyzed
SAMPLE_SIZE NUMBER   Sample size used in analyzing this column
GLOBAL_STATS VARCHAR2(3)   Indicates whether statistics were gathered for the table as a whole (global statistics) (YES) or they were not gathered (NO). Note that for partitioned tables, global statistics and partition statistics are estimated from underlying partition and subpartition statistics, respectively, when set to NO.
USER_STATS VARCHAR2(3)   Indicates whether statistics were entered directly by the user (YES) or not (NO)
NOTES VARCHAR2(41)   Describes some additional properties of the statistics. For example, if the value is INCREMENTAL, the global statistics are derived from synopses, that is, the global statistics are incrementally maintained.
AVG_COL_LEN NUMBER   Average length of the column (in bytes)
HISTOGRAM VARCHAR2(15)   Indicates existence/type of histogram:
  • NONE





SCOPE VARCHAR2(7)   The value is SHARED for statistics gathered on any table other than global temporary tables.

For a global tempoary table, the possible values are:

  • SESSION - Indicates that the statistics are session-specific

  • SHARED - Indicates that the statistics are shared across all sessions

See Oracle Database PL/SQL Packages and Types Reference for information about using the GLOBAL_TEMP_TABLE_STATS preference of the DBMS_STATS package to control whether to gather session or shared statistics for global temporary tables.