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ALL_CUBE_DIMENSIONS describes the OLAP cube dimensions accessible to the current user.

Related Views

Column Datatype NULL Description
OWNER VARCHAR2(128) NOT NULL Owner of the cube dimension
DIMENSION_NAME VARCHAR2(128) NOT NULL Name of a cube dimension, such as TIME
DIMENSION_ID NUMBER NOT NULL ID of the cube dimension
DIMENSION_TYPE VARCHAR2(17)   Type of the OLAP cube dimension:

  • TIME

AW_NAME VARCHAR2(128)   Name of the analytic workspace that contains the cube dimension, such as GLOBAL
DEFAULT_HIERARCHY_NAME VARCHAR2(128)   Name of the default hierarchy for the cube dimension, such as FISCAL
DESCRIPTION NVARCHAR2(300)   Description of the cube dimension in the session language
HIERARCHY_CONSISTENCY_RULE VARCHAR2(200)   Hierarchy consistency rule of the OLAP cube dimension. Possible values:



ADD_UNIQUE_KEY_PREFIX VARCHAR2(3)   Add_Unique_Key_Prefix flag of the OLAP cube dimension. Possible values:
  • YES: This is the value if AddUniqueKeyPrefix="True" was set in the metadata.

    This tells the system to add the level name prefix to the dimension members. This should be done when a dimension member can have the same value across different levels, for example, New York (state) and New York (city).

  • NO: This is the value if AddUniqueKeyPrefix="True" was not set in the metadata.

CUSTOM_ORDER CLOB   The textual representation of the sort orderby clause used to load dimension members into the AW