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ALL_XSTREAM_ADMINISTRATOR displays information about the current users's granted privileges to be an XStream administrator by procedures in the DBMS_XSTREAM_AUTH package.

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DBA_XSTREAM_ADMINISTRATOR displays information about the users who have been granted privileges to be XStream administrators by procedures in the DBMS_XSTREAM_AUTH package.

Column Datatype NULL Description
USERNAME VARCHAR2(128)   Name of the user who has been granted privileges to be an XStream administrator
PRIVILEGE_TYPE VARCHAR2(7)   Type of privilege granted:


  • * - Both APPLY and CAPTURE

GRANT_SELECT_PRIVILEGES VARCHAR2(3)   Shows whether set of privileges granted to the user (grantee) includes the SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE role, which enables the user to manage other XStream servers that belong to other XStream users.

Possible values:

  • YES: The administrator has the SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE role and other privileges, is considered a full privilege administrator, and can manage other users' XStream configuration

  • NO: The administrator is considered a minimum privilege administrator, and can only manage XStream configurations where the apply_user or capture_user (based on the PRIVILEGE_TYPE column) matches the username.

CREATE_TIME TIMESTAMP(6)   Timestamp for the granted privilege

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