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ALL_XML_SCHEMA_ELEMENTS describes all the elements and their properties accessible to the current user.

Related Views

Column Datatype NULL Description
OWNER VARCHAR2(128)   The user who owns the element
SCHEMA_URL VARCHAR2(700)   The URL of the schema within which the element is defined
TARGET_NAMESPACE VARCHAR2(2000)   The namespace of the element
ELEMENT_NAME VARCHAR2(2000)   Name of the element
IS_REF NUMBER   Indicates whether an attribute was defined using a reference in the XML schema (1) or not (0)
TYPE_NAME VARCHAR2(2000)   Name of the type of the element
GLOBAL RAW(1)   Indicates whether the attribute is global (1) or not (0)
ELEMENT XMLTYPE   The actual XML fragment of the element
SQL_INLINE RAW(1)   XDB annotation for sqlInline
SQL_TYPE VARCHAR2(128)   XDB annotation value for sqlType
SQL_SCHEMA VARCHAR2(128)   XDB annotation value for sqlSchema
DEFAULT_TABLE VARCHAR2(128)   XDB annotation value for default table
SQL_NAME VARCHAR2(128)   XDB annotation value for sqlName
SQL_COL_TYPE VARCHAR2(128)   XDB annotation value for sqlColType
MAINTAIN_DOM RAW(1)   XDB annotation for maintainDOM
MAINTAIN_ORDER RAW(1)   XDB annotation for maintainOrder
ELEMENT_ID RAW(20)   Unique identifier for the element
PARENT_ELEMENT_ID RAW(20)   Identies the parent of the element