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12c Release 1 (12.1)

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DBA_HIST_DYN_REMASTER_STATS displays historical statistical information about the dynamic remastering process. All times are given in hundredths of a second, and total values reflect what has been collected since instance startup. This view contains snapshots of V$DYNAMIC_REMASTER_STATS.

Column Datatype NULL Description
DBID NUMBER NOT NULL Database ID for the snapshot
INSTANCE_NUMBER NUMBER NOT NULL Instance number for the snapshot
REMASTER_OPS NUMBER   Total number of dynamic remastering operations
REMASTER_TIME NUMBER   Total dynamic remastering time
REMASTERED_OBJECTS NUMBER   Total number of objects dynamically remastered due to affinity
QUIESCE_TIME NUMBER   Total quiesce step time
FREEZE_TIME NUMBER   Total freeze step time
CLEANUP_TIME NUMBER   Total cleanup step time
REPLAY_TIME NUMBER   Total replay step time
FIXWRITE_TIME NUMBER   Total fixwrite step time
SYNC_TIME NUMBER   Total synchronization step time
RESOURCES_CLEANED NUMBER   Total number of resources cleaned in the cleanup steps
REPLAYED_LOCKS_SENT NUMBER   Total number of locks replayed to other instances in the replay steps
REPLAYED_LOCKS_RECEIVED NUMBER   Total number of locks received from other instances in the replay steps
CURRENT_OBJECTS NUMBER   Current number of objects remastered on this instance due to affinity
CON_DBID NUMBER   The database ID of the PDB for the sampled session
CON_ID NUMBER   The ID of the container that CON_DBID identifies. Possible values include:
  • 0: This value is used for rows containing data that pertain to the entire CDB. This value is also used for rows in non-CDBs.

  • 1: This value is used for rows containing data that pertain to only the root

  • n: Where n is the applicable container ID for the rows containing data